Welcome to Eat This, Drink That, a regular subscription newsletter from food and wine writer Fiona Beckett.

The idea is to use my 30-odd years in food and drink journalism to create an essential, entertaining quick-to-read weekly bulletin for readers who are really into food and wine and would like some hot tips without endlessly having to trawl the internet

The main mailing - the Friday 5 - goes out on, um, a Friday and will include five different types of recommendation which will change from week to week. Most weeks there will be something to cook, a bottle and some ingredient or ready-made product you can buy but it will also include cookbooks, the odd cocktail, restaurants and hotels I’ve been grabbed by - in short, places and things on which I’d be prepared to spend my own money and would encourage my friends to spend theirs. 

As I divide my time between Bristol and London it will inevitably be UK-focussed but there will hopefully be enough internationally relevant content to give it wider appeal - including my new virtual wine nights on Zoom!

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I write about the wild outdoors, celebrating life by the seasons, and how I crafted a freelance life that allows me to live closer to nature. I write from from NW Scotland where we run guided hikes, astro nights, and slow travel holidays.