Service in restaurants - how much should you tip?

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I’ve been thinking about the thorny subject of tipping and why it diverges so much from countries such as France where tips are included to those like the US where up to 20% is expected.

And why should we pay tips on wine when there’s already a mark-up which is presumably designed to cover the cost of glassware and service?

Is it right to run a business where part of the staff’s remuneration is at the discretion of the customer and what they may or may not decide to leave?

Are you generally happy to pay the service charge on a bill or would you prefer to leave cash for your server.

Have you ever not left a tip due to poor service or do you think that’s the restaurant’s fault not that of their staff?

Love to have your thoughts.

PS I know that’s a rather weird photo as the wine doesn’t have a label which any self-respecting somm would be showing to the guest. But I downloaded it before I realised that 🙄