Why don't hotels and restaurants treat single travellers (especially women) better?

photo by Mangostar at shutterstock.com

As I mentioned in last week’s Friday 5 I’m off off on a 3 week road trip to Scotland! I stopped overnight in Northumberland - nice hotel, good food, comfortable room - but there were a couple of things that really got my goat.

  • The hotel asking me when I arrived if my husband was parking the car (my husband died 7 years ago and anyway they shouldn’t have made the assumption that I must be accompanied by a mail partner)

  • Being put in a room off the main dining room next to a table that was just leaving so I would have been sitting on my own for the evening. Obviously I asked to be moved.

  • And not being handed a wine list.🙄

I haven’t come across this before as I mainly travel professionally or with friends but have heard before of single women being given the worst table in the room.

How about you? Have you or anyone you know come across anything similar as a solo traveller - male or female? Would love to know whether this is still common and if so, how you dealt with it.